This is an aggregated list of many open source programs I’ve worked on, however most of them are one-offs.

nes-rs is a work in progress NES emulator written in Rust. The name is subject to change and I aim to eventually deliver a full featured emulator.

This is a list of my long term goals for the project that I do not expect to be done for a long time.

  • Make the emulator as accurate as possible
  • Automated testing of the CPU with existing test roms
  • Automated testing of the PPU (frame by frame compare)
  • RPC-like api to allow external scripts change the emulator state (e.g. making a player AI using machine learning)
  • Full featured debugger accessible through a command-line interface

Notch is a CHIP-8 virtual machine written in Rust. I wrote it after getting interested in emulation from the Ferris Makes Emulators stream. It has worked with all games I threw at it so far, but can use a little polishing and refactoring.

LoL CSV is a simple web application for League of Legends players wishing to track their match stats. Given a summoner name, a spreadsheet is generated with match data from the previous 10 matches. You can find LoL CSV here and the source code on GitHub.

Inquiry Bot is a slackbot using Slack’s webhook api that I created for the wonderful people at Stickman Ventures. It’s purpose is to instantly post contact information from the website directly to one of our slack channels through Firebase. You can find Inquiry Bot on GitHub.